Weekendspecial: Cocobolo - 25% discount


In our weekendspecial till 25th of June you can look forward to 25% off Cocobolo! The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.

Cocobolo (Dalbergia tucurensis) comes from Central America and grows along the Pacific coast, but mainly in Nicaragua. It is a true rosewood and has the highest fat content of its kind. Often it just needs a polish without any other surface treatment. Only the heartwood is used; when freshly cut, it can range from a dark orange to a deep red. Although the pale yellow sapwood can be a very nice contrast. The wood darkens over time and under the influence of UV light.
The wood is very hard and dense. It is used for tool handles and knife handles, musical instruments (woodwinds), but also sticks and brushes. It is also popular for use in sculpture and carving.