Huge Oak Burl Tabletops in stock!

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Fresh from the sawmill: besides some smaller sections are now also large tabletops oak burl in stock! The plates have partly considerable dimensions of about 2500x1000x60mm. The texture is very fine and untypical for oak at all not cracked! However, they will still have to dry a little.
The Pedunculate Oak (Quercus robur) is the most common oak in Europe  and can reach heights of 65 to 130 feet and a very stately age, usually 500 to 1,000 years, but sometimes as long as 1,500 years! In addition to the wood, the acorns have been eaten by pigs and deer since ancient times. The tannic acids in the bark have also been used to tan leather.
The wood is hard, heavy, tough, and very durable. It has many uses in furniture making, in wood turning, as a veneer, stairs, hardwood floors, and even piles for foundations and sleepers for rail lines. Burled oak is rather rare and is mainly used as a veneer.