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Maybe you ask yourself what the heck means "Feines Holz" ? "Feines Holz" is german and does not mean anything else than "Fine Wood". We still are a german company and so we called us how that what we love - Fine Wood :) 

What you see on this site is what you get! We've turned this slogan into our rallying cry and try to ensure transparency in everything we do. This means that we take specific photos of 95% of all the products we offer for sale. And you are ordering exactly the piece shown in the photo: no buying a pig in the poke with us. Only with woods that have a very uniform appearance will we use a sample photo, but we know that the sample photo will also be meaningful to purchasing decision process.


We offer knife makers a particularly large choice of knife handle blocks and knife handles made of precious woods from every continent.
Our portfolio now contains more than 110 different types of wood! We do also offer a wide selection of local woods, too. We see no reason for european hardwoods to be shy in the face of exotic woods from farther climes. Our particular focus lies on providing select pieces with appropriate grains and quality. As such, we do offer some real rarities that you will not find elsewhere. We also offer a large selection of desert ironwood, and also mammoth ivory for use in both knife handles or even as pen blanks.

In our in-house production, we produce stabilized wood and very special materials such as hybrid wood and other hybrid material. An exciting business.
Puzzlewood® must not be forgotten either, as fantastic workpieces can be produced with this great material.
But you also can find huge Tabletops in perfect burl quality with us.


Pen turner will also find an extensive range of pen blanks in different thicknesses and selected woods. We also offer a decent range of writing pen kits for those just starting out in the hobby: including fountain, rollerball and ballpoint pen kits.
Wood turners and craftspeople will also find some elegant pieces for their next project, be they precious wooden blocks, hardwood squares, burl sections, or decorative pieces for goldsmiths and jewelry designers. Instrument makers will also find a wide range of flute blanks, guitar bodies, and fingerboards.
Fans of pool and billiards and makers of custom cues will fall in love with our large selection of blanks for custom cue production. We have some quite exceptional and exclusive pieces to offer here.
And, if you want to buy large quantities, ask about our volume discounts! Please understand that discounts are only available upon consultation and only from certain volumes.
Customer satisfaction is very important to us. If anything has not been as it should be, we will certainly do what it takes to find a solution.
Enjoy browsing. We would be pleased to welcome you as a regular customer.


Ulf Henke

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Blog News

Dec 05 2017

In our special offer in December, you can look forward to 20% off Karelian Masurbirch! The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.

Nov 22 2017

I am pleased to present you a beautiful lot of kaukasian walnut burl. The grain is beautifully dense and crossed with fine black lines, as befits a decent kaukasian walnut burl ;) In addition, the lot is already well dry and immediately processable!

Nov 22 2017

Look at this ! Might a huge trunk of Cocobolo Burl. We'll see that in next days. It remains exciting

Nov 02 2017

In our special offer in March, you can look forward to 30% off Lacewood!  The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.

Oct 02 2017

In our special offer in October, you can look forward to 10% off Thuya Burl! The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.