Hard and soft - Ebony and Poplar Burl at the sawmill

    25_7_18-ebenholz-1.jpg 25_7_18-ebenholz-2.jpg 25_7_18-ebenholz-3.jpg 25_7_18-ebenholz-4.jpg 25_7_18-pappel-1.jpg 25_7_18-pappel-2.jpg 25_7_18-pappel-3.jpg 25_7_18-pappel-5.jpg 25_7_18-pappel-6.jpg
The duration of cutting in the sawmill can be so different ... it depends on the wood. Which wood took longer? ;-)
We processed about 500kg of the finest poplar burl and about 2500 kg of ebony.