Bloodwood / Red Satinè / Muirapiranga 600mm squares arrived!

    bloodwood-1.jpg bloodwood-2.jpg bloodwood-3.jpg bloodwood-4.jpg Satine60038-1.jpg Satine60038-2.jpg Satine60038-3.jpg Satine60038-4.jpg
The Satinè / Bloodwood scantlings, dimension 600x38x38mm, which have been maturing for at least 10 years, are ideal for making instruments or for billiard cues. Available in large numbers.

Immediately available at the store:
Bloodwood (Brosimum paraense) also called satiné or muirapiranga comes from Central and South America from countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, Peru ,and Panama.
The wood is very hard, dense, durable, and heavy. It can be easily worked and has an intense red color that will lose barely any intensity over the years. It is traditionally used to make furniture, turned pieces, and knife handles, but it has also been used to make guitars and inlays.