Aloha from Hawaii - Curly Koa arrived!

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Exactly matching the local tropical temperatures of these days, a very beautiful lot of Hawaiian curly Koa has arrived. Mahalo;)

Koa (Acadia koa) © Forest & Kim StarrThe koa (Acacia koa) is a rare acacia species found only in Hawaii. The tree reaches a typical height of 50-75 feet, sometimes even 90 feet if growing in volcanic ash. The koa tree grows very quickly and can reach 20 to 30 feet in just five years. The name comes from the Hawaiian and means brave, fearless, or warrior.
The wood is moderately hard and medium heavy and somewhat brittle, but still quite workable. It has properties similar to mahogany. Koa is a favorite choice for making surfboards. One particular grain pattern is the curly koa which is beautifully fiddleback with a great 3-D effect. This is used to make traditional ukuleles and even very expensive electric guitars.