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We wish you a Happy New Year and hopefully better 2023!

The days are getting shorter and autumn is fast approaching. Now it begins again, the great workshop time!

In our special offer in August, you can look forward to 10% off Yew! The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.

In our special offer in July, you can look forward to 10% off Karelian Masurbirch! The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.

In our special offer in June, you can look forward to 10% off Brazilian Tulipwood! The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.

In our special offer in May, you can look forward to 10% off Poplar Burl! The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.

We wish all our loyal customers and friends a nice Easter in the circle of your loved ones!

I recommend to everyone:
If you have a bad day, the sky is grey and you have to do some really annoying things ....

Great poplar burl table tops in 65mm fresh from the drying chamber. They now have a residual moisture content of less than 10% - so they can be used immediately. The first plates are already available in the shop.

A nice batch of this beautiful wood is now available from stock. Some things can already be bought in the web shop. Do you need special dimensions? Feel free to contact us!

New from our own production: Hybridwood tops  for electric guitars. The dimensions are at least 520x185x7mm (2 pieces). The tops are already sanded on both sides with 80 grit.
Also new to us - Hybridwood sawn veneer!

We have received a nice batch with 3 ordinary holm oak trunks from Spain. Lashed somewhat adventurously to something that once wanted to be a palette

Catch of the day: Birch Burl ... about 800 kg ... always exciting what will be in it

Back from Burl-Hunting ... cutie little monster ... Beech Burl.
Approx. 1.3m diameter - around 900 kg

A new species of wood is available at our shop - Marri or Red Gum. It looks very nice and offers a great visual experience.


Give the monkey sugar! A growth variant of the sugar maple (Acer saccharum) is the highly sought Qulited Maple, which is very decorative and sexy because of its cloudy pattern.

Again a huge selection of new Desert Ironwood pen blanks is available in the shop!

New hybridwood pen blanks available in the shop!
We have great woods like Juniper burl, stabilized horse-chestnut burl, stabilized walnut burl, etc. processed.

an impressive yew burl trunk - 2,60m in length and up to 1m in diameter in the sawmill for cutting tabletops

Even though it was clear to me before, one thing become aware again to me in the sawmill: African Blackwood is not balsa wood!

We have great woods, such as juniper burl, stabilized horse chestnut burl, stabilized walnut burl, etc. processed.

Everyone who knows me knows, I love yew! I'm a little crazy there. It's just my favorite wood and tree ... but honestly, how can you fall in love with this sight immortal ?!

Our hybridwood is now also available as a long blank. This can be used to create ingenious billiard cues or flutes .... etc.

A nice lot of Linden Tree Burl has arrived ... despite its lightness and the somewhat peculiar smell (pretty musty) a very nice burl wood with which a lot can be done!

Exactly matching the local tropical temperatures of these days, a very beautiful lot of Hawaiian curly Koa has arrived. Mahalo;)

The duration of cutting in the sawmill can be so different ... it depends on the wood. Which wood took longer? ;-)
We processed about 500kg of the finest poplar burl and about 2500 kg of ebony.

A beautiful big Holly with a diameter up to 40cm has found its way to us and was accompanied by us to the sawmill. Holy crap ;)
Soon there will be replenishment in our holly section. By the way, did you know that Harry Potter's wand is holly?

I am pleased to present you a beautiful lot of kaukasian walnut burl. The grain is beautifully dense and crossed with fine black lines, as befits a decent kaukasian walnut burl ;) In addition, the lot is already well dry and immediately processable!

Look at this ! Might a huge trunk of Cocobolo Burl. We'll see that in next days. It remains exciting

Fresh from the sawmill: besides some smaller sections are now also large tabletops oak burl in stock! The plates have partly considerable dimensions of about 2500x1000x60mm.

Let me introduce: the girls from ballet - from the Ash Burl ballet
Last week I was among others with the recently arrived ash burl log in the sawmill.

In last week freshly arrived Kingwood and Cocobolo - so it came immediately with the already planned Ebony appointment at the sawmill. With nicest weather, we have gotten a really great result.

New Snakewood for knife handles and cue blanks in premium quality are arrived.


Three days ago we received a huge Ash Burl log with 2 meter length and diameter of 1 meter and a huge Walnut Burl also one meter diameter. Both are dry and I'm curious about whats up inside.

Few days ago we were in the sawmill with the last delivery of Karelian Masurbirch - once again nice quality!

In our special offer in March, you can look forward to 20% off Lacewood!  The offer is valid for the entire category, while stocks last.

After months of intense work, she is finally online, the version 3.0 by Feines Holz. It has happenend a lot as you will surely find.

In the last week, we have received a large batch of Vavona burl. Vavona is the name for the wood made of the root burl of the giant Redwoods

That is really a nice tabletop from Elm Burl for one of our customers, isn't it ?

A few days ago, we rolled in some huge box elder maple burls. Wonderful items - with great texture and colour! A fine wood!

In the last week, a beautiful maple burl trunk has arrived, with great dimensions of 2.5 metres in length and 1.1 metres in diameter.

It’s getting harder every day to find Bubinga with such a beautiful texture.



As a lover of yew in whatever form (it’s my favorite tree/wood), I am particularly pleased to present you with this beautiful French treasure.

Newly available in our shop: stabilized mammoth ivory as knife handle blocks and, brand new, now as large pen blanks. Of course, all photographed separately!

The Satinè / Bloodwood squares, dimension 600x38x38mm, which have been maturing for at least 10 years ...

New pieces of Puzzlewood as knife blocks, pen blanks, cubes and blocks avaiable here

I just received a new delivery of Karelian Masurbirch from Finland last week: 1.5 tons of it in total. The quality is simply top-notch!

Among other recent deliveries, we’ve just had an Amboyna Burl in the best and finest quality arrive!

A few days ago, I was able to get something very rare for you: a large dalbergia trunk weighing nearly a ton in exceptionally great quality!