Huge burl cap of Amboyna Burl is arrived!

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Among other recent deliveries, we’ve just had an Amboyna Burl in the best and finest quality arrive!
It’s getting more and more difficult to find Amboyna nowadays, especially with a good grain like this one. That’s why I’m so pleased to have found this particularly great veined root ball for you. It’s already been cut and stored for years, so it’s ready to be ordered today.

Amboyna (Pterocarpus indicus)The Amboyna (Pterocarpus indicus) probably gets its name from its prevalence on the island of Ambon in Indonesia. It is a species of padauk tree, which are not exactly rare and even extend as far as Africa. However, the 3-dimensionality and distinctive beauty of the Amboyna is second to none. Moreover, since it has a quite faultless burl, amboine is a highly coveted veneer wood and is used, for example, on Rolls Royce fittings.
The burl wood is hard, heavy, and amazingly free of fissures apart from the occasional crack caused by drying. The typical red color may vary from a bright orange to a deep dark red in its tone. Amboyna burls with outstanding burls consistently fetch high prices, especially since the supply does not seem secure. Very little is available on the market right now.