New pieces of Puzzlewood avaiable!

    puzz-news1.jpg puzz-news2.jpg PenPuzzInd2-G-1.jpg Puzz0043-1.jpg Puzz0039-1.jpg Puzz0042-1.jpg PenPuzzInd2-G-1.jpg PenPuzzOrgPfei-K-1.jpg Puzz0057-1.jpg puzz-news6.jpg
New pieces of Puzzlewood as knife blocks, pen blanks, cubes and blocks avaiable here
Puzzlewood ® is a laminate made up of hardwoods assembled together and bonded with waterproof glue. The very thin strips, blocks, and plates in different colors result in spectacular pattern with a fantastic effect. The production is very complex and done in only relatively small batches, so if you see a pattern you like, do not hesitate to order it today! Each piece is unique and new patterns result constantly.