Box elder maple, saturated burl - from the sawmill

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A few days ago, we rolled in some huge box elder maple burls. Wonderful items - with great texture and colour! A fine wood! The burls have a diameter of up to 1.10 metres. The burls were hollow inside in some places - on inspection, nothing is there - but the huge ant colony, which had made itself cosy there, had to move out unfortunately - gentrification. I do think that the leafy box elder maple is often underestimated, especially the burl variant, perhaps because of its bright colour - I cannot understand this, as I find it simply wonderful! Ok, but perhaps not the smell ;)

Today we started off at the sawmill, and because box elder maple is less problematic when dry, I can cut thicknesses of up to 85mm. This batch now has to dry first, of course. But here a few visual impressions in advance.

Incidentally, the burl variant of box elder is ideal for stabilising Here are some examples, which are, of course, pieces of an older, already dry batch.