Thats Burl Baby ! ... finest elm burl for a beautiful tabletop

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That is really a nice tabletop from Elm Burl for one of our customers, isn't it ? This is one of the finest burl texture I've seen from Elm. This beauty had dimensions up to 1800x90x80mm but since my last visit in the saw mill it's bookmatched in two parts for huge really nice and rare table. Not bad at all, right? :)

Wych Elm (Ulmus glabra)The wych elm (Ulmus glabra) is found all over Europe and even at elevations of 4,000 feet above sea level. The tree reaches a height of 100 to 130 feet with trunks as much as 10 feet across. The elm is suffering from so-called Dutch elm disease, caused by a fungus (Ophiostoma ulmi) transmitted by the elm bark beetle.
The wood of the elm is tough, moderately hard, very shock- and pressure-resistant, and easy to work. The precious wood is processed into veneers, furniture, rifle stocks, hardwood flooring, and wainscoting. It was also once used to make longbows and wagon wheels, spokes and frames.