Ash Burl from the saw mill

    eschemaser-stamm-4.jpg eschemaser-stamm-1.jpg eschemaser-stamm-2.jpg eschemaser-stamm-5.jpg eschemaser-stamm-6.jpg eschemaser-stamm-7.jpg eschemaser-stamm-8.jpg

Unfortunately, I forgot to make proper pictures in the sawmill, but here at least a few of the result, which I absolutely absolutely great! Super grain - partly up to the core. Very nice plates, all cut to 65mm thickness. And everything is already dry! Awesome!

I'm happy with the result - it could have come quite differently. It is alway exciting to see what's inside when you cut an (expensive) trunk.
You can do some nice things with it ... maybe a nice table top ?

Are you interessted in one of that french beautys? Then just notify!