Corona update and active in the workshop action

The current times demand a lot from each of us. A lot of people are worried about how things will go in the coming weeks and months.
Both health and economic.
It is difficult to predict how the situation will continue to develop, but as a very active person I know one thing - there is no point crouching in front of the television and feeling powerless because of all the bad news.

But it does bring a little distance and still stay active.
With us craftsmen it is actually quite easy - there are no crowds in the workshop and you still do something useful.
Because there will also be a life after Corona and hopefully for as many of us as possible.

Therefore we would like to give you an incentive to continue your favorite hobby or business.
We therefore grant you a 15% discount for your online purchase from us - on our entire range up to and including April 15, 2020
Of course, you also help us to survive the very turbulent time.

Please use the following voucher in order processing: ACTIVE

An important information for you:
We are still there for you! We maintain business operations and will continue to process your orders quickly and reliably, as you are used to from us.
There are currently no restrictions on the delivery of the shipments from our logistics partner DHL, and they are not in sight on request.

Keep your distance and stay healthy!

Sincerely yours
Ulf Henke