Sketch Pencil Kit Gold

Sketch Pencil Kit Gold
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Massive pencil with thick lead and clip, ideal for large-scale sketching.
There’s a pencil sharpener in the removable end cap.

Quality: Gold
Pencil Lead: 5.6mm

needed Pen Blank: at least 17 x 17 x 120 mm
(a Penblank is not included, you will get some here)
needed Drill Bit: 11.9mm

Dimensions of a finished Sketch Pencil:
approx. 12 cm long, Diameter 15mm
Weight approx. 45g

Order production tools today:

11.9mm Drill Bit
Replacement Tubes
Ersatzminen für Skizzierbleistift Klebstoffe für die Schreibgeräteherstellung Mandrel und Spannzangenfutter für die Schreibgeräteherstellung
5.6mm Leads Adhesives Mandrel

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