Goldsmith Assortment - Eastindian Rosewood- Goldbox1919

Goldsmith Assortment - Eastindian Rosewood- Goldbox1919Goldsmith Assortment - Eastindian Rosewood- Goldbox1919Goldsmith Assortment - Eastindian Rosewood- Goldbox1919
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A stable folding box (which is also suitable for archives), full of fine wood sections, off-cuts, and undersized pieces. Ideal for jewelry makers, designers, or goldsmiths. But model builders and makers of smaller objects will find something in here to work with.

Stable lid box with the following dimensions:
appr. 350 x 300 x 85 mm

Weight of the Box: appr.  4.1 kg
Contained pieces: Eastindian Rosewood
You will get the shown Box!

The pieces are dry and can be processed immediately

East Indian rosewood (Dalbergia latifolia) is a tree that grows up to 25m high and is native to south-eastern India and some Indonesian islands. The use of the natural forests from which the East Indian rosewood originates is strictly regulated by the state forestry administration.
The colour of the wood can vary - the sapwood is white-grey to creamy yellow with a partly reddish tinge, while the heartwood, clearly separated by black stripes, is dark purple or purple-brown.
The texture of the wood is very hard and durable with a high bending and compression strength. The wood is used for decorative veneers, in woodturning and for making musical instruments.

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