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Thuya Burl

lat. Tetraclinis articulata
Sandarak Tree

Thuya Burl

Sandarac tree (Tetraclinis articulata)Thuya Burl  / Sandarac tree (Tetraclinis articulata) is a coniferous cypress that occurs in particular in Morocco, Tunisia and northern Algeria, but it is also found scattered in southern Spain and Malta, where it is the national tree. It rarely reaches a height of 50 feet; more commonly, it grows to 20-25 feet with a diameter of about 15 inches.
The resin obtained by slicing into the wood is a precious source of incense and polishes. The knotted burls found in the root area are in high demand, especially in the veneer industry. The special thing about the burls is that they grow to a respectable size only after the death of the trunk. Finding the burls is no easy feat, given the lack of a trunk.
The wood is very fatty, which does not exactly make it easy to work and finish. The beauty of this wood and its  beguiling scent while working it do make up for a lot of the bother.

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