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Olive Ash

lat. Fraxinus excelsior

Olive Ash

Common Ash (Fraxinus excelsior) ©Walter J. Pilsak, WaldsassenSo-called “olive ash” (Fraxinus excelsior / common ash) is not its own species, but just the core wood of ash which has a similar structure and color as olive wood. The common ash is spread across Europe and can climb up to 130 feet, making it one of the tallest deciduous trees. Worldwide there are about 65 species of ash, all native to the temperate belt of the Northern Hemisphere. The ash also plays a role in the mythologies of a wide range of culture. Some think it is the yggdrasil of Norse mythology, although this has come into doubt and it is more likely that it was a yew instead.
The wood is very hard (much harder than normal ash) and durable, but also usually very cracked, which is why only very small pieces are available. It is often used as a veneer.

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