Wood Atlas - Xylarium


lat. Aningeria robusta


Anegré (Aningeria robusta), also called Aningré, is an upt to 30 m high deciduous tree species with origin in Liberia, Ivory Coast or Ghana, whose wood is yellowish to light pink or also reddish-brown.
The wood is moderately hard and non-elastic with a fine texture and straight grained structure. It is relatively easy to work. The wood is used mainly in furniture and interior finishing, and sometimes also in instrument making.

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But, as you know, wood is a natural product and what us shown here is only
a sample and the actual piece may vary in color and pattern.

Tip: Use the left and right arrows to navigate; to select the wood currently show, click on the link below the image. The wood atlas is by no means exhaustive and is constantly being expanded. But, on the whole, almost all the woods we have in stock are shown.