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lat. Berberis vulgaris


Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) © J.F. GaffardBarberry (Berberis vulgaris) is a shrub plant found mainly in Europe and Asia. It grows between 3 and 10 feet tall. The barberry serves as an intermediate host of the stem rust fungus and was therefore almost eradicated in Europe. The barberry contains toxic elements (such as the alkaloid berberine), but as so often the case in nature, that which makes you sick can also help with healing. Barberry teas and extracts work very well against liver and pancreatic disease. The red fruits are free of berberine and berbamine and are therefore edible. They are often used for jam.
The wood is very hard, dense, and can be worked quite well. The yellow color reminiscent of ginger root is rare, but the wood offers a rather lovely, regular structure. The color is actually very durable. Due to the small diameter, larger pieces are rarely available. A true, eye-catching rarity!


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