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Royal white Ebony

lat. Diospyros malabarica
Black-white Ebony

Royal white Ebony

Black-and-white ebony (Diospyros malabarica) Black-and-white ebony (Diospyros malabarica) is a very rare member of the ebony family. It is a real ebony and it is primarily found in Laos, Burma, and Sri Lanka. The tree grows up to 50-120 feet tall with a diameter of about 2 feet. It is also sometimes marketed as "Royal White Ebony." It has a very strong tendency to crack and warp. Once it is dry, however, it is extremely dimensionally stable. It has since become a true rarity. Only very small quantities are currently being moved in the precious wood trade and only at fabulous prices for pieces with just okay graining.
The wood is very hard, very heavy, and very dense. Due to its unique look and technical nature, it is highly sought after and suitable for crafts of any kind, such as knife making, turning, or furniture-making.

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