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European Spindle

lat. Euonymus europaeus

European Spindle

European Spindle Tree (Euonymus europaeus) © Ettore BalocchiThe spindle tree (Euonymus europaeus)  grows as a shrub or small tree throughout Europe and reaches heights between 10 to 20 feet The trunk diameter is quite small at just 2-3 inches.  The spindle tree is poisonous and was even named Poisonous Plant of the Yera for 2006.
The wood is very hard, dense, and heavy. Its most striking feature is its color. This extremely light, almost white wood personally reminds me of ivory. Only the holly is comparable, but it has a much coarser grain. Due to its exceptional color and small diameter, spindle wood is most often used in small-dimensional turning. It is also valued for its use as charcoal and is also used in jewelry making.

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