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lat. Piratinera guianense


Snakewood (Piratinera guianense) comes mainly from Surinam or Guyana, but it is found along the entire northern coast of South America and up to Mexico. The name undoubtedly comes from its snakeskin-like appearance. It is undoubtedly one of the most expensive woods on the world market. Unfortunately the wood is famous for its cracking, especially when stored, and it is virtually impossible to predict if it will happen. Unfortunately, it's also not preventable. Please consider this when working with it! Snakewood does not tolerate major fluctuations in temperature, which will almost certainly be rewarded with cracking. Take care when grinding the wood and seal any exposed grain as soon as possible. So, why would anyone choose to work with such a stubborn wood? I think the main reason has to be its beauty.
The wood is extremely dense, very hard, and very heavy.
It is mainly used for decorative purposes, such as for knife, umbrella, or walking stick handles, and in instrument making, in particular for bows for stringed musical instruments.

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