Knife Block Vavona Burl - VavoM0333

Knife Block Vavona Burl - VavoM0333Knife Block Vavona Burl - VavoM0333Knife Block Vavona Burl - VavoM0333Knife Block Vavona Burl - VavoM0333
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Coastal Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens)Vavona burl comes from the root of the coastal redwood (Sequoia sempervirens), which grows in the coastal areas of northern California and southern Oregon. The redwoods can grow up to 300 feet tall with a trunk diameter of 20 to 25 feet. The tallest living specimen is about 328 feet tall and is in Redwood National Park in northwestern California. It is the tallest tree in the world. Redwoods are also some of the oldest trees in the world, with 600 years not an uncommon age. The oldest recorded age was 2,200 years based on the rings.
The root burls can assume gigantic proportions. Digging them out is quite labor intensive which makes this burl very expensive.
The burl wood is light and relatively soft, but it is extremely durable and easy to work quite well with sharp tools.

Dimensions: approx. 125 x 40 x 30 mm
You will get the shown piece!

The piece is dry and can be processed immediately

The handle block is sanded and coated with a layer of shellac.
This allows you to see exactly the color you will obtain.

Finely grained wood may contain imperfections such as open knots, bark inclusions, or cracks that are typical of the species. These flaws come from the way the tree has grown and are completely natural. They can usually be filled with low-viscosity cyanoacrylate (super glue) and wood dust.

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