Statesman Jr. Fountain Pen Kit Rhodium/black Titanium

Statesman Jr. Fountain Pen Kit Rhodium/black TitaniumStatesman Jr. Fountain Pen Kit Rhodium/black TitaniumStatesman Jr. Fountain Pen Kit Rhodium/black Titanium
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Medium-weight, very refined rollerball pen. It is not quite as bulky and heavy as its big brother, the Statesman, and is just the thing for someone who prefers a smaller pen. Made from the highest quality components, the Statesman Junior with its 22 k cast and engraved inserts in the cap and pen body, surrounded by a brilliant rhodium coating, makes writing by hand a truly enjoyable task. The dazzling radiance between the colored inserts and decorative bands combined with the brilliant rhodium surface ensure that this pen absolutely stands out from the crowd.

The nib is a very high quality fountain pen nib made in Germany, coated with 22k gold and rhodium. The quality iridium tip ensures a perfect ink flow and smooth sliding of the pen’s tip. The pen can be equipped both with normal ink cartridges and ink converters (for drawing ink from an ink pot). An ink converter and a cartridge are included.

Enclosed fountain nib: M (medium 0.8 mm), nibs in different thicknesses can be found here
Quality: Rhodium, black Titanium

needed Pen Blank: at least 17 x 17 x 120 mm
(a Penblank is not included, you will get some here)
needed Drill Bit: 10.5mm and 12.5mm

Dimensions of a finished fountain Pen:
approx. 130mm long, diameter 15mm
Weight: approx. 50 g

Order production tools today:

10.5mm and 12.5mm Drill Bit
Replacement Tubes
Ersatzfedern für Füllfederhalter Klebstoffe für die Schreibgeräteherstellung Mandrel und Spannzangenfutter für die Schreibgeräteherstellung
Fountain Pen Nibs
Adhesives Mandrel

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