Classic Razor Kit slant bar Gun Metal

Classic Razor Kit slant bar Gun MetalClassic Razor Kit slant bar Gun MetalClassic Razor Kit slant bar Gun MetalClassic Razor Kit slant bar Gun Metal
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Most of us have never heard of a 'Slant' razor, although they've been around for over 100 years. Considered by shaving aficionados as superior to standard safety razors because of its fast, efficient cutting action, slant razors are highly recommended for those with sensitive skin or a heavy beard. With the blade held at a slant or angle to the razor handle, the blade produces a shearing action when cutting. That means it cuts faster, cleaner and with less pressure than a regular safety razor. It also reduces pulling on the hair follicle for fewer nicks and irritation. If you have a sensitive beard or shave daily, the Artisan Slant Bar Razor Kit is the razor for you. Once you've used a slant razor a few times, you'll never look back.
  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin or heavy beard
  • Angled blade position cuts faster, closer shave
  • Shearing angle cuts more efficient like a guillotine or mandoline
  • Less pressure required when cutting
  • Reduces pulling on hair follicles to eliminate nicks
  • Headpiece unscrews from the handle for cleaning and blade changing
  • Accepts standard double edge safety razor blades (not included)
  • The headpiece is interchangeable with our Classic Safety Razor handle

The exclusive threaded rod design allows you to easily disassemble the handle as needed for cleaning or refinishing. Turning is done on a standard pen mandrel using a set of bushings (sold separately).

Pay particular attention to the finish, using only waterproof or at least water-repellent oils or paints. The user will get many years of pleasure from this set. It’s also a good idea to glue the sleeve with waterproof epoxy or polyurethane adhesive.

Quality: Gun metal
A double edge razor classic blade is not included, but is readily available in most stores.

needed Pen Blank: at least 20 x 20 x 85 mm
(a Penblank is not included, you will get some here)
needed Drill Bit: 7mm

Dimensions of a finished razor:
approx. 120mm long, diameter 13mm


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