Knife Block Japanese Pagoda Tree - Schnu0179

Knife Block Japanese Pagoda Tree - Schnu0179Knife Block Japanese Pagoda Tree - Schnu0179Knife Block Japanese Pagoda Tree - Schnu0179Knife Block Japanese Pagoda Tree - Schnu0179
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Japanese pagoda tree (Styphnolobium japonicum) ©Jean-Pol GRANDMONTThe Japanese pagoda tree (Styphnolobium japonicum) is still found in its native Japan, Korea and China, but has since become a popular choice for parks and leafy boulevards around the world thanks to its decorative growth. The pod-shaped fruit are very interesting and are reminiscent of pearls on a string, but they are poisonous. The tree reaches heights of up to 70 feet. The pagoda tree is also grown as a source of food for bees.
The wood is hard and somewhat heavy. It can be easily confused with ash wood, as it has a similar, open-pored structured, but it is much more colorful with an overall gray-bluish color effect.

The burl is a real rarity and almost never found for sale.


Dimensions: approx. 125 x 40 x 30 mm
You will get the shown piece!

The piece is dry and can be processed immediately

The handle block is sanded and coated with a layer of shellac.
This allows you to see exactly the color you will obtain.

Finely grained wood may contain imperfections such as open knots, bark inclusions, or cracks that are typical of the species. These flaws come from the way the tree has grown and are completely natural. They can usually be filled with low-viscosity cyanoacrylate (super glue) and wood dust.

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