Pen Blank Hybridwood Japanese Pagoda Tree Burl stabilized - HybrWo1771

Pen Blank Hybridwood Japanese Pagoda Tree Burl stabilized - HybrWo1771Pen Blank Hybridwood Japanese Pagoda Tree Burl stabilized - HybrWo1771Pen Blank Hybridwood Japanese Pagoda Tree Burl stabilized - HybrWo1771
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Hybrid wood consists partially of wood, and partially of different coloured acrylic resins. They are merged (cast) in a special process. The resulting hybrid material can be processed easily and is dimensionally stable. You may need to sharpen your tools quite often. In order to achieve great visual effects, partly ground mother of pearl shell is used, which can blunt sharp cutting tools faster than usual.

The wooden part of this block has been stabilized with Plexiglas® (PMMA) and fully penetrated. It will no longer absorb water, is dimensionally stable, and will no longer crack. It can be easily worked, but it does not react well to excessive heat during processing, so take care when sawing, drilling and grinding. (When it gets very hot - the melt point is at 90 Celsius - the PMMA begins to smear.)Very easily worked with sharp tools, but the odor stays within limits and is negligible. The stabilizing gives this block excellent hardness, durability, and stability. It is therefore suitable for heavy duty applications or in areas that get wet, such as outdoors.

We have produced the blank offered here for you using a complex process in our own production.

Japanese pagoda tree (Styphnolobium japonicum) ©Jean-Pol GRANDMONTThe Japanese pagoda tree (Styphnolobium japonicum) is still found in its native Japan, Korea and China, but has since become a popular choice for parks and leafy boulevards around the world thanks to its decorative growth. The pod-shaped fruit are very interesting and are reminiscent of pearls on a string, but they are poisonous. The tree reaches heights of up to 70 feet. The pagoda tree is also grown as a source of food for bees.



Dimensions: approx. 150 x 22 x 22 mm
You will get the shown piece!

The piece is dry and can be processed immediately

Finely grained wood may contain imperfections such as open knots, bark inclusions, or cracks that are typical of the species. These flaws come from the way the tree has grown and are completely natural. They can usually be filled with low-viscosity cyanoacrylate (super glue) and wood dust.

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