Assortment Box Goldsmith - Puzzlewood - Goldbox1146

Assortment Box Goldsmith - Puzzlewood  - Goldbox1146Assortment Box Goldsmith - Puzzlewood  - Goldbox1146Assortment Box Goldsmith - Puzzlewood  - Goldbox1146
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A stable folding box (which is also suitable for archives), full of fine wood sections, off-cuts, and undersized pieces. Ideal for jewelry makers, designers, or goldsmiths. But model builders and makers of smaller objects will find something in here to work with.

Stable cardboard box with following dimensions:
approx. 350 x 300 x 85 mm

Weight of the whole box: approx. 2.8 kg
Contained woods: Puzzlewood
You will get the shown box!

The content is dry and can be processed immediately

Puzzlewood ® is a laminate made up of hardwoods assembled together and bonded with waterproof glue. The very thin strips, blocks, and plates in different colors result in spectacular pattern with a fantastic effect. The production is very complex and done in only relatively small batches, so if you see a pattern you like, do not hesitate to order it today! Each piece is unique and new patterns result constantly.

Tip for working with puzzlewood: always make sure to sharpen your tools very well and do not use too much pressure so that you do not break the laminate. Otherwise, it can be worked like any other burl wood.

By the way - Puzzlewood ® is produced in-house.
If you are interested in larger quantities (please only from 100 pieces upwards), also in individual dimensions, please contact us.

We are sure that we can offer you something suitable.

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